Posted by: poppyrocks | December 16, 2010

First Ravelry pattern: SUPER EXCITEMENT

Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! I’ve set up my first pattern for sale in the Ravelry store, it’s called the Rolling Moss Jumper aka RMJ. Obviously, as a keen knitter and knitting enthusiast, you are already a Ravelry member. If you are not, you are wasting your life. Ravelry. Be at Ravelry. No, I’m not joking. Now. Go there now. Ok? Done? Member? Good.

To rejoin, Ravelry is awesome and now I have a pattern there. If you like it, consider buying it. It will help to fund my handmade earring addiction on Etsy and that can only be a good thing. Also, I think this is a pretty pattern, I’m quite chuffed with it, so I hope it may bring you joy also. Here are a few pictures.



As my husband says, this is a nice one of the dog


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