Posted by: poppyrocks | February 1, 2009

Ravelry present and Knitty future

Shame on me, I’ve been quite quiet on the actual “words” component of blogging, opting more for those process tasks of loading vintage patterns and tagging them on Ravelry.

(Just an aside, if you’re here, you probably know what Raverly is and how it changes your life, but if you don’t and you love knitting, do yourself a favour:

Anyway, yes, I’ve been a little Ravelry obsessive, and who could blame me? So much organisation. Such efficient process… there’s something in that appeals to the nature of the natural knitter. A desire for process and order. Riiiiight, enough knitting philosophy for me (what a sad sack I can be).

ANYWAY, back on it, I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been compulsively Ravelrying, but also working on my next pattern to humbly submit to the infinite wisdom of Amy (this would sound like a massive crawl but I know as sure as the day is long that Amy has higher priorities than rading my blog…. not that that means you should stop, no siree). ANYWAY, yes, it’s 10pm and that’s a little late for me to be awake, so I apologise for the Sunday night haze. Warm weather in Sydney, we’ve got to french doors open to the balcony to let the suggestion of a breeze edge hesitantly in. Half watching the cricket live from Perth, where it’s still pretty light, which is so strange. It is the same contient after all. It’s just I don’t really get over to Perth much… in a never been kind of way. Cameron tells me Perth is closer to Singapore than Sydney. How about that.

OK, so forgetting concentrating, what I’m trying to say is I’ve been working on a new pattern, trying to contribute something to our knitting community. It’s a nice community, it deserves lovely things. I’m trying to make one. I’ve been buying vintage dresses on ebay, and last week I bought the sweetest dress to go with the sweater I’m making. The dress is very geometric, with little arrows in purple, blue and white. The yarn I’m using for the sweater is a light purple too, slightly contrasting from the dress. So I’ll be submitting this pattern for consideration in the Summer 09 Knitty. It’s a cotton and silk blend, so it’ll work nicely in summer, just light like fairly floss but less sticky. It’s made in the round so it’s try-as-you-go (love that). I’ve made the sleeves and I’m three quarters through the body, so I should be finishing up the writing of the pattern soon, which will get it into Amy’s in tray in time before the March deadline.

If you’ve ever thought of sending Amy something of your own but haven’t done it, please give it a go. I’m totally clueless and self taught, but they let me in once. I’m brave enough to try again (and I did have two well deserved rejections first up). Be bold. I’ll say good evening to you.


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