Posted by: poppyrocks | December 3, 2008

Red Cross Trauma Teddies

It’s Christmas knitting season but it’s great to squeeze in the odd Trauma Teddy for Red Cross where possible. They’re a great use of yarn stash and go to help an incredibly beautiful and important cause.

For the uninitiated, Red Cross volunteers knit Trauma Teddies for distribution to children in hospital. It’s a little bit of comfort and love to help them get through a tough time.

Here are a few I’ve put together:

Red Cross

If you’re interested in making a few yourself, visit

You can get the pattern from the Red Cross in hard copy, or download it from , it’s in a few other places too.



  1. I enjoyed your pattern on Knitty – beautiful! Great to see a fellow Aussie and Sydney-sider on there!

  2. Very cute. Congrats on the knitty pattern!

  3. Look out, the Trauma Teddy pattrn has moved from this link I’ve quoted here, if you’re looking for it I’ve typed it up in this blog.

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