Posted by: poppyrocks | July 27, 2008

Knitting Circle

I’ve started a bit of a casual knitting circle with a few work chums, many of whom have never knitted before, or haven’t for a long time.

One such chum, Elise, is an absolute trooper, and is currently working on her first ever piece of knitting. It’s priceless. I must share it with you:

Elise calls it her ‘Learning Curve’, very witty.



  1. Love the website and pics of Poppy. There’s lots of interesting reading for me as a beginner. Thanks for introducing me (and my daughter) to the world of knitting!

  2. Some friends and I recently started a similar group with two beginners, one picked it up pretty quickly but the other is struggling. After three meetings she is on her 5th attempt at a headband/scarf (width varies!). Some of her earlier attempts looked more like lace than garter stitch. We have taught her how to tink backwards now so she won’t have to restart after every mistake!

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