Posted by: poppyrocks | January 16, 2008

The Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan

The red cardigan has been coming along well, I’ve been catching the all stations trains to increas the chances of getting a seat, which has meant I’ve had an extra 40 minutes knitting time each day for the last week or so.

 As a result, I’m seeing some good progress on the red cardigan front. Here’s what it is supposed to look like:


At the start of the week it was looking like this:


Although you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not really hot pink, that’s just the camera. It’s quite a mellow red, a bluey-red.

There has been much progress, as I said, but this is the lates picture, above. I’m up to the waist shapings, and I think it might even be done by Sunday night. Especially with a lot of rain expected this weekend. Lots of opportunities to be inside knitting instead of outside ripping out the garden, as planned.


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