Posted by: poppyrocks | January 12, 2008

My Christmas present to me

After the crazy Christmas rush to finish the projects started in August for my family I thought it only fair to give myself a little Christmas present, which was a heap of merino so I could make my favourite jumper from the latest Interweave Knits edition.

 I started on Christmas Day and knitted frantically since, which several bouts of frogging. As I changed the colour scheme it took a couple of attempts for me to be satisfied with the order I had the colours in. I soon realised I should have paid closer attention to that Knitting Daily post on the subject of changing colour schemes not long ago. I seemed to remember the article saying something about using the highest contrasting colours in the outer band – that’s what I went with in the end, regardless.

I finished the actual knitting about a week ago now, having completed most of it during the cricket season as well as the first two series of Love My Way on my computer, when the cricket became too boring to qualify even as a satisfactory backdrop to knitting. Thanks to Thina for lending me the series.

Anyway, so the knitting has been done for a week but I’ve been very slow to do the finishing. So many ends to weave in. Matress stitching seams is bad enough on its own, but with the weaving as well, it’s not an attractive prospect. Hence remaining unfinished one week on.

 And I’ve fallen victim to the knitter’s curse, I’ve started not one but two new projects without finishing the jumper. Arg. They’re both lovely and exciting projects which make it even harder to drag myself back to the dreaded finishing. So I’m trying to remember what homework was like and saying to myself, “You can only go back to the red cardigan once you have bound off the ends for one whole panel.” So far I’ve been sticking to it, but I’ve only set myself the task twice so it remains not even half done, with the neck to weave in too.

Tonight I’m planning on another panel while at my pseudo mother-in-law’s house and once that’s done, red cardigan here I come.

I’ll post photos of all WIPs soon.      


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